Friday-adjacent Soundtrack, or my Twitter-brush with celebrity

Posting a Friday Soundtrack on a Monday? Yep. It’s been like that the past few days around here. Let’s focus on the positive, though. Let’s just say Wow, two soundtracks in a week! This’ll be a great week!

Mike Doughty is the subject this time around. The former front man of unclassifiable late ’90s band Soul Coughing has been doing the solo thing since the band broke up in 2000 – day that will live in infamy for me – and it turns out I actually like the solo stuff better. My ears have been on a Mike Doughty kick lately, specifically his 2005 release “Haughty Melodic” and 2009’s “Sad Man, Happy Man.”

But it was a track off of 2008’s “Golden Delicious” that brought me as close to Doughty as I’ll probably ever be (he doesn’t hit Springfield much on tour). At work Saturday, just as I was going to break, his song “27 Jennifers” came on over the speakers and I Tweeted something about Doughty’s music making cupcakes taste better – which is true. My jaw dropped hours later when I checked my Twitter feed and saw that Doughty – an active and entertaining Twitter user – had retweeted MY Tweet. I usually play it cool, but I had a few geek-out moments after that.

Doughty’s music, just like Soul Coughing’s, is an acquired taste, and I seem to be the only person in my general proximity who has acquired it. Which, by the way, I take as an indictment of their tastes and not mine. His syncopated guitar playing is a signature of his music, and he is a solid lyricist – no doubt benefiting from the fact that he also writes poetry.

It wasn’t easy to pick a song for this week’s Soundtrack, so I picked two. This video features “I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep On Dancing” off of “Golden Delicious” and  “Year of the Dog,” from “Sad Man, Happy Man” – a two-in-one of Doughty awesomeness. Enjoy, and check out his Tumblr blog here.



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