Tonight I abandoned dinner

I’m currently having a semantic disagreement with conservative talkers. I say toe-may-toe, they say toe-mah-toe. I say changed plans, they say abandoned.

I’m talking, of course, about the Obama administration’s decision to change directions with its missile defense program in eastern Europe. The new plan will have SM-3 interceptors deployed by 2011, or – as the conservatives say – we’ve abaonded our allies and dealt a stunning blow to those who love freedom and its defense. It was a day, according to Sean Hannity, to be very, very afraid.

And what’s not to fear when you’re conservative and a liberal comes up with a better plan? The Bush plan would’ve put missiles into action by 2017, not 2011. Bush’s plan was behind schedule and over budget and used old technology.

The Obama plan includes missiles that have already had several successful test fires and the airborne, space- and ground-based sensors are more adaptable and will offer much better tracking data than the fixed radar sites originally proposed.

One more minor detail, the new missiles are much more effective against the mind of missiles Iran is capable of launching than the Bush administration’s plan.

And this is called abandoning our allies. Is it any wonder I have a hard time trusting conservative talkers when they talk down a public option for healthcare?



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  1. Yep, the right is rising up in anger and frustration these days. It has all the earmarks of feelings of powerlessness and impotence. In those conditions, we are going to see a lot of vague ideology and unbounded demogoguery — as opposed to reasoned argument and objective debate. Not that it makes any of that right, but I have come to accept it as an emotional reality. But that doesn’t mean I have to let the hot wind blowing from the right change my views. Stay the course, say I.

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