I’m so over you, Joe Wilson

Here’s another person famous for no good reason: South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, he of the inaccurate “You lie!” shout during President Obama’s adress to a joint session of Congress.

I happened to be watching the speech when it happened and, like a lot of people, thought “What a Turd Ferguson.” The immediate blowback for his remarks was right on, but now…well, now it just seems over the top.

What the Democrats have done is, as Politico’s Andy Barr said, made Wilson a folk hero. He’s very quickly gone from jerk-hole to victim. It reminds me a little bit of what happened with President Clinton and the Lewinsky affair. When that first surfaced a lot of people were upset, myself included. When it came out that he’d lied to us about it, people wanted him punished. Pretty understandable.

But then it went over the top, became a witch hunt and a lot of formerly angry people – myself included – went “Jeez, lay off a little bit. Was it really that bad?”

That, I’m afraid, is what the Democrats in the House are at risk of doing. Let it drop and let him stay the jerk.

So on that note, I leave you with some Lewis Black quotes on the Clinton scandal that I feel are applicable here.

“So the Republicans got out their rifles, got him in their sights, then turned the rifle around and went BAM!”

“If you want to get somebody who’s an —hole, you don’t hire a bigger —hole because then the bigger —hole make the —hole look like it’s just a rectum.”



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