The Palin Curse

As if the St. Louis Blues and their fans (me included) haven’t suffered enough already.

The 2008 season got off to a great start when, before training camp even opened, prized young defenseman Erik Johnson tore up his knee getting out of a golf cart. Seriously. Then came a cracked foot bone for fellow blueliner Jeff Woywitka and backup goalie Chris Mason needed an emergency appendectomy. Enforcer D.J. King is out for the season after surgery on his dislocated shoulder.

Then came Sarah Palin’s visit to the Scottrade Center. That’s when disaster struck goalie Manny Legace. Observe:

Yeah, Manny’s out AND the Blues lost. Thanks a lot Sarah Palin.

This isn’t the first time Palin has been disastrous at a hockey match. She dropped the puck in Philly on opening night (where, rumor has it, pro-GOP owner Ed Snider used loud music and piped-in cheers to offset the boos) and the Flyers subsequently went down, 4-3 to the Rangers. They didn’t get their first win of the season until Friday, Oct. 24, when…

wait for it…

Palin was in St. Louis.

Two things, Sarah:

1. This is not how we get independent voters to choose the McCain-Palin ticket.

2. If you have to drop any more pucks, could you at least go to, I don’t know, Chicago or Detroit?

Okay? Thanks.


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